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My Space, My Sanctuary


Collaborative postcard by Jill Davies and Joanna Briar

Artist Joanna Briar and I met online via Somerset Art Works during lockdown and found a common thread in our work which gave rise to the project.


Using postal exchanges of small works, we began a visual dialogue of images in October 2021. At a time when creativity was challenging due to personal and global events, this playful approach was both therapeutic and inspiring.


We agreed to work on a 15cm square format using mixed media. Responses were worked on top of the original received from the other artist and photographed at each stage.  It also prompted the development of separate bodies of personal work for us both.

The common themes which emerged were about the challenge of working creatively during isolation, our experiences of loss, and the role our local outside spaces have played in supporting our wellbeing. 

Community involvement

After a call out on social media, participants were given the following instructions:

  • Think about an outdoor space which offers you calm and sanctuary

  • Use a square piece of paper or card 15x15 cm and write a few words about your place on the back.

  • Use any materials you like to represent your place and the feelings you experience there

  • You can make your picture realistic or abstract using any colours or marks which reflect  your experience of your special space

As local schools and groups joined the project, we received many postcards, culminating in an exhibition of over 400 of them. The project was supported by a micro-commission from Somerset Art Works enabling us to hold workshops at local libraries and exhibit our postcard installation at ACEarts, Somerton. It then went on to be shown at East Quay, Watchet.

Postcards made by members of the community 

Exhibition at Easy Quay, Watchet

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